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The Principles of Kwanzaa


Symbolizes a call to unity and collective work and struggle. The word means "Let's pull together"!



The traditional Kwanzaa greeting in Swahili which basically means "What's the news?" "What's happening?" "Whaa Gwaarn?"


KWAHERI (Kwar Heree)

Swahili term used as an expression of parting with good wishes and an expectancy to meet again.


ZAWADI (Sah-wah-dee)

The presents (gifts) represent 1) the fruits of the labor of the parents, and 2) the rewards of the seeds sown by the children. Parents must commit their children to goodness which to us is beauty. We must commit them to good acts, good thoughts, good grades, etc., for the coming year and reward them according to how well they live up to their commitments. Goodness, again, is beauty and beauty is that which promises happiness to the family and community. For all acts, thoughts and values are invalid if they do not in some way benefit the community.


The feast symbolizes the high festive celebration that brings the community together to exchange and to give thanks to the Creator for their accomplishments during the year. It is held on the night of December 31 and includes food, drink, music, dance, conversation, laughter and ceremony.

Secondary Symbols of Kwanzaa

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Symbolizes the seven principles of Kwanzaa which were developed by Maulana Ron Karenga. The Nguzo Saba are social principles dealing with ways for us to relate to each other and rebuild our lives in our own images all year round.


The flag of Black Nationalism symbolizes the struggle of Liberation. The Red represents the blood of our ancestors; Black is for the collective color of all Black people, and Green reminds us of the land, life and new ideas we must continue to strive to obtain.


Symbolizes the libation by which honor is given in a special way to our ancestors and a call to carry out the struggle and the work they began. It clearly symbolizes the recognition of and respect for the contributions of those before us, our history and the models it offers us to emulate.



Handcrafted Wooden Kinara's and Candleholders for KWANZAA celebrations ALL YEAR ROUND.


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