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Mental Health

In Volve

Statistics on Black Mental Health in the UK

* 10% of mental health inpatients


* 3% of general population, according to the 2001     cencus


* 50% more likely to be placed in seclusion


* 29% more likely to be subject to control and            restraint


* 44% more likely to be sectioned under the 1983      Mental Health Act


* 50% more likely to be referred through the crimal    justice system


*14% more likely to be turned from white people        when they ask for help in the mental health             service


* Referral to psychiatric services by the police is        almost double for Afrikan (Black) people


* Referrral through the courts is almost double for     Afrikan (Black) people

Source: Commision for Healthcare Audit and Inspection (2005) Count Me In. Results of a national census of patients in mental health hospitals and facilities in England and Wales.

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