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Step Back in Time to Ancient Kush Activity Book

The book is ideal for children at Key Stage 2 as a complement to understanding Ancient Egypt.


Parents & teachers who want children to understand that Black history did not begin with slavery will be delighted with this book.


The detailed illustrations include many genuine artefacts and with a website coming soon at parents & teachers will be able to continue their own and their children's discovery of this fascinating ancient Nile valley civilization.


Step Back in Time to Ancient Kush is available online at:

















About the author:

K.N. Chimbiri has been a member of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society (SARS) based at the British Museum for several years.  She has given talks & conducted workshops for all ages on ancient Kush.  She also appeared in the award-winning documentary by Black Nine Films, Nubian Spirit.



K.N. Chimbiri

History writer, Publisher and Speaker

Step Back in Time to Ancient Kush is a NEW history-themed activity book.  It features:


•Word-based puzzles to aid literacy

•Pages to colour, complete & draw to encourage creativity

•Dot-to-dots, spot the difference and other fun exercises to encourage concentration

•Crossword, word-search, word scrambles to build problem-solving skills

•Plus 2 full-colour keepsake paper dolls in detailed early historical costume


Designed for children aged 8 - 12 and their parents, Step Back in Time to Ancient Kush is a fun activity book which reveals the achievements of one of the World's FIRST ancient civilizations.  

It covers, as any good text book would, the government, religion, dress, art & architecture and other achievements of the Kushites - in a modern, interactive format.


Author K.N. Chimbiri chose an activity book format because "...even with the Internet, video games and television, children today still enjoy the simple pleasures of drawing, colouring in and paper-based activities; so parents will welcome the chance to teach them through the pleasurable activity book format."

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