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Education is in our hands. Let us,

hold hands


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I think this website is brill bcos it's formatted right, fit neatly on my phone interface....excellent update, keep it moving Bro!


Dalian Adofo

(Ancestral Voices)

I am so greatful to NABSS for this website and the worked involved. This is so necessary as I have searched for so long to find a Blacksaturday schoolin my local area. Well done!


I attended the 10th NABSS Anniversary celebration and witnessed how the community felt about NABSS and it reflected my thoughts too,

Well done.

I found my local Saturday school on the NABSS Directory. I couldn't find it anywhere else. Just what we parents need.


Horice Moore

NABSS has been consistant and support for the last 10 years. Long m ay you continue and thank you,


Bleesed One

Teaching our own children is an absolute MUST. Thank you for pulling the schools together.

Mrs A. Reilly

* Required

Brother Nia helped me with my child who was having problems in mainstream. He attended a school meeting with me and suggested a Saturday school also.An amazing Brother.

Cassandra Mills

Caraf Centre

Thank you NABSS for your consistent and considerable work to promote the educational services provided by Saturday Schools. You work tirelessly and selflessly and many parents and children would not have been aware of what we and many schools do without your efforts.


Ian Lewinson

(Willesden Saturday School)