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South London Schools

Afruika Bantu 
Saturday School

St Martins Community Centre,

Abbots Park, Upper Tulse Hill,


SW2 3PW 


Afruika Bantu Saturday School.jpg

Age Range: 5 - 16


Term times on Saturdays between 09:30- 12:30

Excellence, Progression, Discipline,

Respect , Knowledge of self. 

These are just some of the pillars which we at the Afruika Bantu Saturday School (ABSS) are on a mission to achieve for our students. Through the subjects of Maths, Science, African History and English, we have been teaching and instilling these characteristics for nearly 30 years with many more years ahead of us. Our focus is on the next generation of our community to raise them up to become upstanding and outstanding people.

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