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South London Schools

Nubia Afrikan Community Foundation School

Springfield Community School

110 Union Road



+44 7894 555 186

Nubia afrikan Foundation School logo.jpg

Age Range: 5 - 16


Saturdays 9.45 am - 2.30pm,

Nubia is a community school for African/Black children from the continent and the diaspora. As a community organisation we seek to enrich the lives of our students and their families inside and outside the class room.

As a school we aim to give our African/Black youth a great understanding of self, each student will gain an understanding of the importance of community and their place in that.

We feel it is vital for our young people to learn the truth about our story as a people around the world, as such African/Black History is at the centre of our curriculum, students will also take classes in Science, English, Moral Philosophy and Maths to supplement their Mon-Fri schooling.

As a school the social, emotional, physical, intellectual development of each child is of the utmost importance.

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